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you pick up the pieces
and the ghosts in the attic never quite leave

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how's my driving? [15 December @ 3:56pm]
This post serves as a way to contact the mun, whether it be for plotting or critique. I'm always happy to hear critique and improve my writing skills - likewise, plot is always welcome.

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application for [info]bellumletale [15 December @ 3:41pm]
There was once, in a little market-town not far from Upsala, a peasant who lived there with his family, digging the earth during the week and singing in the choir on Sundays. This peasant had a little daughter to whom he taught the musical alphabet before she knew how to read. )

[24 July @ 6:56pm]
letter to christine )

[26 May @ 11:25am]
letter to christine )

[18 May @ 10:10am]
#1206 )

playing in #1206 - evening [16 May @ 4:08am]
Without singing along )

[09 April @ 9:11am]

Playing in #1206 after everything.... [13 February @ 9:16pm]
[After this]

And yes, she can be heard singing along )

[28 January @ 10:35am]

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